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Automatic Gearbox Services

Our in-house automatic gearbox specialist, specialises in all aspects of automatic gearboxes, from repairs to full rebuilds. Fault finding electrical problems, using the latest diagnostic machines. Diagnosing any problems with your gearbox can be resumed in as quickly as 15 minutes, covering all makes and types of automatic transmissions. There are many common faults within the automatic gearbox, from gearbox slipping to gearbox limp mode. You can be assured that AJ Automatics are fully equipped to get you back driving smoothly and efficiently.

AJ Automatics offer friendly, honest advice about all aspects of automatic transmissions, so that you get the best performance and extend the life of your automatic gearbox. Servicing your automatic gearbox (transmission) would still be a recommendation by AJ Automatics, even though your gearbox states it has been sealed for life by most manufacturers (what is the life of a gearbox?). We are happy to carry out repairs on extended warranties from AA, RAC and WMS.

AJ Automatics offer a 12 month/12,000 miles warranty, with a free 3 month/3,000 miles health check on all rebuilds.

For further advice or information, please call 01296 399 699, or complete the form on our Contact Us page.

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If you are unsure about the correct procedure or equipment required, we strongly recommend that we carry out the removal and refitting of the transmission (to avoid additional costs). AJ Automatics offer on all rebuilds, a 12 month/12,000 miles warranty with a free 3 month/3,000 miles health check.

Based in the South East of England,

AJ Automatics offer an excellent, high level service to all automatic gearbox needs.

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Mr M Bramton
Seriously what a nice and experienced guy Tony is! He has all the correct tools, ramp etc and he topped up my Nissan auto gearbox in no time and for such a reasonable price! I will be recommending AJ Autos / Tony to everyone. Thanks Tony

Mr Collins
When the Skoda dealers told me that my nine year old Fabia VRS Automatic needed a new clutch and that the price would start at £3000 without VAT, I was almost resigned to selling it for scrap. Fortunately I spoke to Tony at AJ Automatics first and following a proper diagnosis and some genuine engineering, he managed to do the job for nearly half the cost. Can't tell you how good it is to find such amiable and trustworthy service & would heartily recommend you contact Tony for some informed advice. Thanks again for all your help.